Atika Hossain Akhi

আতিকা হোসেন আঁখি


  •  Room No:  Room no.: 3213, Department of Civil Engineering
  •  Phone:   880-1752136237
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Field of Research
  •  Fracture Mechanics, Fracture Parameters of Pipeline, Soil-pipe Interaction of Buried Pipe

  •  First Joined: 12th Dec, 2021
  •      Dept. of Civil Engineering



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Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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1 Atika Hossain Akhi, Ashutosh Sutra Dhar Stress intensity factors for external corrosions and cracking of buried cast iron pipes Engineering Fracture Mechanics (Elsevier) 2021 Journal
2 Atika Hossain Akhi, Ashutosh Sutra Dhar Fracture parameters for buried cast iron pipes subjected to internal surface corrosions and cracks Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering (Elsevier) 2021 Journal
3 Md. Abdul Alim, Atika Hossain Akhi, M. A. Alam, M. Roknuzzaman Prediction of compaction characteristics of soil using plastic limit Proceedings of International Conference on Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering, 09 - 11 September 2021, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh 2021 Conference
4 Md Masud Rana, Atika Hossain Akhi, Gazi Md.sharfaraz Imam Azad Performance Evaluation of Bituminous Mixes with Waste Concrete Aggregate International Journal of Advanced Structures & Geotechnical Engineering 2018 Journal
5 Md Masud Rana, Md. Samdani Azad, Atika Hossain Azad, Gazi Md Sharfaraz Imam Azad Effect of Environmental Impact in Building Constructions American Journal of Civil Engineering 2017 Journal
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