Shuvra Prokash Biswas

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Shuvra Prokash Biswas received the B.Sc.  degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
(ETE) from the Rajshahi University of  Engineering and Technology (RUET), Rajshahi, Bangladesh, in 2017.  From 21 October 2018 to 15 February 2019, he was a Lecturer in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) at North Bengal International University. He is currently a Lecturer
with the Department of ETE, RUET since 16 February, 2019. He has been working in the area of advanced power electronics  converter for distributed power systems and industrial  drives for the last four years. He has published  a number of research papers and posters in this  field. His research interests include power electronics, electrical machines  and drives, control systems, renewable energy systems, real-time hardwarein- the-loop (HIL) simulations, and smart micro-grids.

Field of Research
  •  Real Time Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Simulations
  •  Control System Applications in Power Electronics
  •  Power Quality
  •  Electric Machines and Drives
  •  Power Electronics
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  •  First Joined: 16th Feb, 2019
  •      Dept. of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering



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Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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1 Khaleda Akhter Sathi ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas Design and Implementation of a Low Power Energy Harvested Head-mountable Deep Brain Stimulation Device IEEE 2020 Conference
2 M.H. Mondol; S.P. Biswas; T.K. Roy A New Multilevel Inverter with Alleviated Number of Switches for Renewable Energy Applications IEEE 2020 Conference
3 Md. Shihab Uddin ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain A Single Phase to Single Phase Step-Down Cycloconverter with Reduced THD for Variable Speed Drive Applications IEEE 2020 Conference
4 Md. Halim Mondol ; Mehmet Rida Tür ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Shuvangkar Shuvo ; Eklas Hossain Compact Three Phase Multilevel Inverter for Low and Medium Power Photovoltaic Systems IEEE Access 2020 Journal
5 Md. Halim Mondol ; Md. Shihab Uddin ; Eklas Hossain ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas A Compact and Cost Efficient Multiconverter for Multipurpose Applications IEEE Access 2020 Journal
6 M. H. Mondol, S. P. Biswas, M. K. Hosain, and M. R. I. Sheikh An Improved Single Phase Transformerless H5 Inverter with Minimized Leakage Current IEEE 2019 Conference
7 Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Halim Mondol ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Ashish Mahanta ; Md. Yah-Ya Ul Haque A Four-Phase DC-DC Interleaved Boost Converter Using Feedback Controller IEEE 2019 Conference
8 Md. Halim Mandol ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; T.K Roy ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Md. Faruk Kibria A Novel Modulation Scheme to Improve the Injected Power Quality for Modular Multilevel Medium Voltage Grid-Tied Power Converters IEEE 2019 Conference
9 Md. Halim Mandol ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Fateha Samad ; Md. Waliur Rahman A Novel Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduced Number of Switching Elements and Optimum THD Performance IEEE 2019 Conference
10 Ashish Mahanta ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas THD Reduction of Single-Phase to Single-Phase Step-Down Cycloconverter Using Multiwinding Transformer IEEE 2019 Conference
11 Md. Masudur Rahman ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Md. Rafiqul Islam Sheikh A Second Order High Performance Resonant Controller for Single Phase Islanded Microgrid IEEE 2019 Conference
12 Safa Haq ; Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Md. Rafiqul Islam Sheikh Performance Analysis of Switching Techniques in Modular Multilevel Converter Fed Induction Motor IEEE 2019 Conference
13 Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Md. Waliur Rahman ; Md. Halim Mondol ; Parag Mazumder Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator Based Triggering Pulse Generator for Single Phase Inverter IEEE 2018 Conference
14 Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Md. Rafiqul Islam Sheikh ; Md. Faruk Kibria ; Foyjul Hasan ; Md. Yah-Ya Ul Haque A Novel Approach for Generating Real Time Firing Pulse for Inverter Using Arduino and MATLAB/Simulink IEEE 2018 Conference
15 Shuvra Prokash Biswas ; Md. Kamal Hosain ; Md. Waliur Rahman Real-time arduino based simulator enabled hardware-in-the-loop electric DC machine drive system IEEE 2017 Conference
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