Prof. Dr. Md. Robiul Awall

অধ্যাপক ড. মোঃ রবিউল আওয়াল


  •   Director of Students' Welfare
  •   Head of BECM
  •  Room No:  Administration Building 1, Room no-145, Kazla-6204, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
  •  Phone:   880-1777785756 , 880-1711302330
  •  PABX:   (+88) 0721 750742-3 Ext. 321 (Office)
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Dr. Md. Robiul Awall belongs to the Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), Bangladesh. He graduated from RUET in 2002 as a Civil Engineer. After graduating he joined as a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering, RUET. He awarded an Asian Development Bank (ADB) Scholarship to take him to Japan in 2006 to undertake MSc studies. He was finished his MSc Engineering degree from Saitama University, Japan under the supervision of Professor Hiroki Yamaguchi in the year 2008 for the dissertation titled “Gust response analysis of transmission lines for interpretation of wind-induced vibrations measured in the field”. Also, an award of a Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT) took him to Japan in 2009 to undertake doctoral studies. The Hokkaido University, Japan awarded him with a PhD degree in 2012 for the dissertation titled “Dynamic behavior of horizontally curved twin I-girder bridges under moving vehicles” under the supervision of Professor Toshiro Hayashikawa.

Coming originally from civil engineering discipline, Dr. Awall specialized himself in the fields of structural engineering; now more specifically in structural mechanics, structural dynamics & control, earthquake engineering, Structural Strengthening and Rehabilitation, bridge engineering and wind engineering. In recent years, his works appear/ being cited in different International Journals.

Also, Dr. Awall maintains close collaboration with various professional bodies and strives to contribute towards improvement of professional qualities of individual and professional bodies as well.

Dr. Awall was born in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He visited 7 countries either as a researcher or as a tourist. He is married and father of two handsome sons.

Field of Research
  •  Structural Dynamics & Control
  •  Earthquake Engineering
  •  Wind Engineering
  •  Cable Supported Structures ( Cable-stayed Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Transmission Line, etc.)
  •  Horizontally Curved Bridge
  •  Bridge-vehicle interaction
  •  Structural Strengthening and Rehabilitation

  •  First Joined: 18th Dec, 2002
  •      Dept. of Civil Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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  •  2009-2012: Monbukagakusho: MEXT Scholarship, for PhD Program, Hokkaido University, Japan.
  •  2006-2008: ADB Scholarship for Masters Program, Saitama University, Japan.
  •  1997-2002: Bangladesh Institute of Technology, Rajshahi (BITR) Merit Scholarship for outstanding academic results in B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, BITR, Bangladesh.
  •  Present: Syndicate Member, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, May 2021- Till now.
  •  Present: Member of Rajshahi Divisional Sports Association, August 2021- Till now.
  •  Present: Member of Inter University Sports Competition, January 2019-Till Now.
  •  Present: Member of Inter University Cultural Competition, January 2019-Till Now.
  •  Present: Member of Selection Committee of Associate Professor and Professor of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU).
  •  Present: Member of Selection Committee of 1st class and 2nd class officers, RUET.
  •  Present: Member of Tender Evaluation committee, RUET, April 2013 – Till now.
  •  Present: Member of Board of Trusties, RUET, October 2016 – Till now.
  •  Present: Member of Accommodation committee, RUET, April 2017 – Till now.
  •  Present: Member, Academic Council, RUET.
  •  Present: Secretary, Disciplinary Action Committee, RUET.
  •  Present: Elected "Council Member" of The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB), February 2020-Till now.
  •  Present: Elected "Vice Chairman" of Teachers Association of RUET, January 2020 - Till now.
  •  Past: Elected "Joint Secretary" of Teachers Association of RUET, January 2018 - 2019.
  •  Past: Elected "Member" of Teachers Association of RUET, January 2016 - 2017.
  •  Past: Member, Disciplinary Action Committee, RUET.
  •  Past: Member of Ezara committee, RUET, April 2015 – December 2018.
  •  Past: Member of Ezara committee, RUET, March 2009 – September 2009.
  •  Past: Store in charge in Civil Engineering Department, RUET, June 2008 – September 2009.
  •  Organizing "Vice-Chairmen" of ICPACE 2021 Conference, RUET.
  •  Organizing "Joint Secretary" of ICPACE 2019 Conference, RUET.
  •  Organizing "Joint Secretary" of ICPACE 2017 Conference, RUET.
  •  Reviewer of the Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration (EEEV)
  •  Reviewer of the Journal of Steel Structures
  •  Reviewer of the Journal of Bridge Structures
  •  Reviewer of the Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering
  •  Reviewer of various International Conferences
  •  Member of Examination Committees, Committee of Courses & Studies.
  •  Member, PGAC, CE Department, RUET
  •  Selection Committee Member, Lecturer & Assistant Professor Post for various Engineering, Science and Technology Universities/Private Universities of Bangladesh.
  •  Expert of External Examiner, at different public University such as CUET, HSTU, PUST, and so on.
  •  Examiner- Bangladesh Public Service Commission.
  •  Past: Guest Teacher, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology, Kadirabad, Natore.
  •  Past: Guest Teacher, Rajshahi Science & Technology University (RSTU), Natore.
  •  Past: Guest Teacher, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh.
Phd Students
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Activity Description
Consultancy Services and Laboratory Testing: • Doing consultancy work of Shahmukhdum Airport, Rajshahi under the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.
• Doing consultancy and laboratory testing works of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.
• Testing of construction materials.
• Sub-soil exploration and recommendation of suitable foundation.
• Field survey for various civil works and preparation of technical reports.
• Involve in planning and design of various infrastructures, such as building, bridge, water tank etc.
• Undertaking and supervising of government and non-government civil engineering critical structures.
Organizing Seminar/Conferences:

Title: Assam Earthquake and Our Buildings, Speaker: Dr. Ali Akbar Mollick, Earthquake Specialist (Structural Engineer) and Technical Adviser, JICA Expert Team, Date: August 24, 2013.

Title: One day training program for masons and discussion on some highlighting features of Civil Engineering, Speaker: Dr. Md. Robiul Awall and others, Date: September 18, 2014.

Title: Sustainable Infrastructure: Needs and Intricacies, Speaker: Dr. AFM Saiful Amin, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET, Date: May 18, 2016.

Title: Inauguration Ceremony of Earthquake Society of RUET, Speaker: VC, RUET, Pro-VC, Rajshahi University, and Dr. Md. Robiul Awall, Date: 5th December, 2016.

Title: Online Seminar on “Concept of Tubular Systems for the Design of Supertall Building”, Speaker: Akhtar M Zaman, M. Eng., P. Eng. (Canada), P.E. (USA), Chairman: Prof. Dr. Md. Robiul Awall, Head, BECM Department. Date: August 28, 2021.

Organizing "Joint Secretary" of ICPACE 2017 Conference, RUET.

Organizing "Joint Secretary" of ICPACE 2019 Conference, RUET.

Organizing "Vice-Chairman" of ICPACE 2021 Conference, RUET.

Technical Committee Member of IABSE-JSCE Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-IV, 26-27 August 2020.

Associations: Member, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE)
Fellow Member, Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB)
Member, Saitama Muslim Students Association (SMSA)
President, Earthquake Society of RUET (ESR)