Dr. Md. Bodiul Islam

ড. মোঃ বদিউল ইসলাম

Assistant Professor

Field of Research
  •  Solar Cells
  •  TCO
  •  Thin films
  •  Electronic Ceramics

  •  First Joined: 20th May, 2012
  •      Dept. of Glass and Ceramic Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 M. Bodiul Islam et al. NiOx Hole Transport Layer for Perovskite Solar Cells with Improved Stability and Reproducibility ACS Omega 2, 5 (2017) 2291–2299 2017 Journal
2 M. Bodiul Islam et al. Facile Preparation of High Quality p-Type Cu2O for Thin Film Solar Cells International Journal of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (IJCSEE) 4, 1 (2016) 25–30 2016 Journal
3 M. Bodiul Islam et al. Spray pyrolized Ag–N co-doped p-type ZnO thin films’ preparation and study of their structural, surface morphology and opto-electrical properties Thin Solid Films 534 (2013) 137–143 2013 Journal
4 M. Bodiul Islam et al. Temperature dependent electrical properties of Ag-N codoped p-type ZnO thin films Paper no. ICERIE-409, Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education 2013 (ICERIE 2013), 11-13 January, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh 2013 Conference
5 M. Bodiul Islam et al. Improved dielectric and magnetic properties of diluted magnetic semiconductor Zn1-xMnxO Paper no. ICMERE2013-PI-022, Proceedings of the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2013 (ICMERE2013), 24-27 December 2013, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2013 Conference
  •  Prime Minister Gold Medal Award-2010
  •  Faculty First Scholarship from University Grant Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh
  •  National Science & Information and Communication Technology (N.S.I.C.T.) Fellowship, 2010-2011
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