Dr. Md. Mayeedul Islam

ড. মোঃ মাঈদুল ইসলাম


Dr Islam has developed versatile knowledge and experience on internal flow-line corrosion, corrosion inhibition, corrosion protective coating, pitting corrosion of metals and alloys, electrochemical energy conversion especially battery and fuel cell. He gained expertise in various electrochemical and surface characterization techniques.
Field of Research
  •  Materials Corrosion and Prevention
  •  Energy conversion (battery and Fuel cell)
  •  Electrodeposition and Electroplating
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  •  First Joined: 03rd Sep, 2006
  •      Dept. of Chemistry



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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1 Md Delowar Hossain, Md Mayeedul Islam, Md Jobayear Hossain, Sabina Yasmin, Sampa Rani Shingho, Nishat Anjum Ananna, Chand Mohammad Mustafa Effects of additives on the morphology and stability of PbO2 films electrodeposited on nickel substrate for light weight lead-acid battery application Journal of Energy Storage 2020 Journal
2 Md Mayeedul Islam, Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng, Rolf Gubner Corrosion of carbon steel under condensing water and monoethylene glycol Corrosion Science 2018 Journal
3 Md Mayeedul Islam, Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng, Rolf Gubner Study of the top-of-the-line corrosion using a novel electrochemical probe Corrosion 2018 Journal
4 Md Mayeedul Islam An Investigation on the Top-of-the-line Corrosion Using Novel Methods Curtin University 2017 Book
5 Md Delowar Hossain, Chand Mohammad Mustafa, Md Mayeedul Islam Effect of Deposition Parameters on the Morphology and Electrochemical Behavior of Lead Dioxide Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology 2017 Journal
6 Md. Ehasanul Haque, Md. Asadul Hoque, Md. Mayeedul Islam, Md. Saidul Islam, Chand Mohammad Mustafa Effect of Various Operating Parameters on Trivalent Chromium Electroplating Journal of Scientific Research & Reports 2017 Journal
7 Md Mayeedul Islam, Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng, Rolf Gubner Development of an Electrochemical Method to Study Top-of-the-line Corrosion CORROSION Conference & Expo, 2017 2017 Conference
8 M. M. Islam Development of an electrochemical method to study top-of-the-line corrosion Australian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference (AOG) 2017 Conference
9 Md Mayeedul Islam, Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng, Rolf Gubner Condensation corrosion of carbon steel at low to moderate surface temperature and iron carbonate precipitation kinetics Corrosion Science 2016 Journal
10 Md Asadul Hoque, Ehasan Robin, Md Mayeedul Islam, Md Saidul Islam, Chand Mohammad Mustafa Electroplating of Chromium From Cr (III) Aqueous Solutions on the Mild Steel: Optimization of Bath Constituents International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics 2015 Journal
11 M. M. Islam, T. Pojtanabuntoeng, R. Gubner Are condensation rate and corrosion rates proportional in TLC? CORSYM-2015 2015 Conference
12 M. M. Islam, T. Pojtanabuntoeng, R. Gubner Are condensation rate and corrosion rates proportional in TLC? Top-of-the-line Corrosion Conference - 2015 2015 Conference
13 MD Asaduzzaman, Chand Mustafa Mohammad, Mayeedul Islam Effects of concentration of sodium chloride solution on the pitting corrosion behavior of AISI 304L austenitic stainless steel Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly 2011 Journal
14 Siragul Karim, CM Mustafa, Md Assaduzzaman, Mayeedul Islam Effect of nitrate ion on corrosion inhibition of mild steel in simulated cooling water Chemical Engineering Research Bulletin 2010 Journal
15 Siragul Karim, Chand Mohammad Mustafa, Md Asaduzzaman, Mayeedul ISLAM Corrosion inhibition of mild steel by calcium gluconate in simulated cooling water Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies 2010 Journal
16 M. M. Islam, C. M. Mustafa and M. Keyamoney Electroplating of compositionally modulated Cu-Ni multilayers on mild steel substrate for improved corrosion resistance and surface finish Bangladesh Chemical Congress 2010 2010 Conference
17 6. M. M. Islam, S. M. N. Hoque, M. A. A. Mahmood, A. A. Shisir Influence of heat treatment on hardness and corrosion resistance of commercial aluminium International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Energy Engineering 2010 2010 Conference
18 Asaduzzaman, C. M. Mustafa and M. Islam Electrochemical investigation of corrosion behavior of stainless steel in acidic chloride media Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education 2010 2010 Conference
19 Md Mayeedul Islam, C. M Mustafa Electroplating of Cu, Ni and Cr Multilayers on Mild Steel substrate The Bangladesh Journal of Scientific Research 2009 Journal
  •  Best Presentation Award, CORSYM 2015, Chennai, India.
  •  Gold Medal, University of Rajshahi
  •  2016: Curtin University Postgraduate Student Association (CUPSA) conference grant, Australia
  •  2015: Curtin University Postgraduate Student Association (CUPSA) conference grant, Australia
  •  2015: Conference grant from NACE Founding Malaysia Section
  •  2014: Curtin University Postgraduate Student Association (CUPSA) research grant, Australia
  •  2014-2017: International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), Curtin University, Australia
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