Md. Golam Kibria

মোঃ গোলাম কিবরিয়া

Assistant Professor

Md. Golam Kibria was born in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He has received his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering (ME) from Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), Rajshahi-6204, Bangladesh in 2017. Mr. kibria has received "Prime Minister Gold Medal Award - 2017" from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, in 2018 for securing the highest Marks/ CGPA in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering examination from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Also he awarded "The University Gold Medal" in recognition for outstanding academic performance in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering examination 2016. From 16 February, 2019 to 26 July, 2022 he was a Lecturer in the department of ME at RUET, Bangladesh. He is now working as an assistant professor in the Department of ME, RUET since 27th July, 2022. He has some remarkable publications on his research areas.
Field of Research
  •  Hybrid Nano Material
  •  PCM Heat Transfer Characteristic
  •  Advanced Thermal Energy Storage
  •  Hybrid Renewable Energy

  •  First Joined: 16th Feb, 2019
  •      Dept. of Mechanical Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 Shithi Dey Kanka, Md. Golam Kibria, Usma Atiua Anika , Barun K. Das , Md. Sanowar Hossain , Dibyendu Roy , Md. Shahriar Mohtasim Impact of various environmental parameters and production enhancement techniques on direct solar still: A review Solar Energy Volume 267, 1 January 2024, 112216 2024 Journal
2 Md. Sanowar Hossain, Miftahul Mobin Chowdhury, Barun K. Das, Mohammad Rofiqul Islam, Md. Golam Kibria, Sujan Banik A Sustainable Energy Approach for Pumping and Irrigation in the Barind Region of Bangladesh Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 2024 Journal
3 Md Golam Kibria, Md Shahriar Mohtasim, Utpol K. Paul, Barun K. Das, R. Saidur Impact of hybrid nano PCM (paraffin wax with Al2O3 and ZnO nanoparticles) on photovoltaic thermal system: Energy, exergy, exergoeconomic and enviroeconomic analysis Journal of Cleaner Production Available online 3 January 2024, 140577 2024 Journal
4 Mim Mashrur Ahmed, Barun K. Das, Pronob Das, Md Sanowar Hossain, Md Golam Kibria Energy management and sizing of a stand-alone hybrid renewable energy system for community electricity, fresh water, and cooking gas demands of a remote island Journal- Energy Conversion and Management ;Volume 299; Pages 117865; Publisher Elsevier 2024 Journal
5 Md. Golam Kibria, Nahid Imtiaz Masuk, Rafat Safayet, Huy Quoc Nguyen & Monjur Mourshed Plastic Waste: Challenges and Opportunities to Mitigate Pollution and Effective Management International Journal of Environmental Research, Springer 2023 Journal
6 Md Kamrul Hasan and Md.Golam Kibria Effect of Discharge current on the capacity of lead acid battery 7 th International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education, ICERIE-2023. 2023 Conference
7 Md. Sanowar Hossain ,Nahid Imtiaz Masuk , Barun K. Das, Arnob Das , Md. Golam Kibria , Miftahul Mobin Chowdhury , Imtiaz Ahmed Shozib Theoretical estimation of energy potential and environmental emissions mitigation for major livestock manure in Bangladesh ELSEVIER, Renewable Energy Volume 217, November 2023, 119354 2023 Journal
8 Md. Golam Kibria,* , Sakin Mahamud , N. M. Morshedul Hoque , Asma-UL-Husna, Md Rabiul Islam Sarker , Mohd. Rafiqul Alam Beg Experimental Investigation of a PVT System Using PCM International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Energy Engineering 2022 22-24 December, 2022, Khulna, BANGLADESH 2022 Conference
9 Md. Afraim Al Hasan, Md. Golam Kibria and Mohammad U.H. Joardder (Omar) Numerical & experimental evaluation of the performance of Celdek as a cooling pad material International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2021 Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) Chattogram, Bangladesh, December 12-14, 2021 2021 Conference
10 M. G. Kibria, F. Rashid, M. Shahadat Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of a Voice Coil Motor Using Different Input Signal 2019 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Information, Communication & Systems (SPICSCON) 2019 Conference
11 M. S. Hossain, M.G. kibria, A.M. Parvej, M.R. Islam Production and characterization of pyrolytic oil derived from co-pyrolysis of solid polythene waste and saw dust Proceedings of the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2019 (ICMERE2019) 11 – 13 December, 2019, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2019 Conference
12 M.G. Kibria, B.K. Das, R.A. Beg, A. Chakravartty Assessment of Biogas Generation From Cattle Dung In Bangladesh Proceedings of the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2019 (ICMERE2019) 11 – 13 December, 2019, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2019 Conference
13 Md. Golam Kibria, Prosenzit Kumar, Md. Sanowar Hossain, Md. Arman Arefin Leaf Spring for Light Vehicle: Comparison Among Conventional Steel, Composite Materials (Epoxy-E Carbon & Epoxy-E Glass) By Anays Workbench International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Materials Engineering 2019 (ICMIME2019) 17-19 December, 2019, RUET, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. 2019 Conference
14 Mhia Md Zaglul Shahadat, Md Golam Kibria, Md Monnaf Ali Performance Analysis of a Fabricated Distinct Voice Coil Motor International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Materials Engineering 2017 (ICMIME2017) 28-30 December, 2017, RUET, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. 2017 Conference
  •  Prime Minister Gold Medal Award - 2017
  •  University Gold Medal From Vice Chancellor - 2019
  •  Bangladesh Government Scholarship in Technical grade for HSC result.
  •  Executive Member, ICMIME 2019, Bangladesh
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Undergraduate Students
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1602025N.M. Morshedul HqueHybrid Nano MaterialDegree completed
1602001Md. Sakin MahamudHybrid Nano MaterialDegree completed
1702121NafiBattery Thermal managementStudents
1702132Fahim ahmedBattery Thermal managementStudents
1702025Shithi Dey KankaHybrid Solar StillStudents
1702024Usma Atiua AnikaHybrid Solar StillStudents
1802164SifatThermal Energy StorageStudents
1802176UtpolThermal Energy StorageStudents
1802048SouvikEvaporative CoolingStudents
1802057AmitEvaporative CoolingStudents
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