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Ayeman Mazdi Nahin

আয়মান মাজদী নাহিন

Assistant Professor

  •  Room No:  Library Building (4th Floor)
  •  Phone:   880-1717851974
  •  Email:
Field of Research
  •  Multiferroic Ceramics
  •  Polymer Composites
  •  Life Cycle Assessment
  •  Nanoceramics
  •  AZ Alloys
  •  Solder Alloys

  •  First Joined: 01st Jan, 2018
  •      Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 Ayon, Sikder Ashikuzzaman Jamal, Moniruzzaman Nahin, Ayeman Mazdi Islam, Md Saiful Nishat, Sadiq Shahriyar Sharif, Ahmed Enhanced dielectric stability and coercivity of band gap tuned Ba–Al Co-doped bismuth ferrite: An experimental and DFT+U investigation Elsevier Ltd 2022 Journal
2 Amin, Kazi Faiza Asrafuzzaman Nahin, Ayeman Mazdi Hoque, Md Enamul Polymer nanocomposites for adhesives and coatings Woodhead Publishing by Elsevier Ltd 2022 Book Chapter
3 Nahin, Ayeman Mazdi Asrafuzzaman Amin, Kazi Faiza Life-cycle assessment of polymer nanocomposites Woodhead Publishing by Elsevier Ltd 2022 Book Chapter
4 Nahin, Ayeman Mazdi Kabhi, Ahsanul Alam Rafid, Tasin Al Variation of Surface Roughness of Chromated and Non-Chromated Al Electroplated Mild Steel IRJET 2021 Journal
  •  Member, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
  •  Treasurer, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
Phd Students
IdNameThesis workCurrent Position
Masters Students
IdNameThesis workCurrent Position
Undergraduate Students
IdNameThesis workCurrent Position
1613002, 1613021Abdullah Al Mazed Khan, Shahidul Islam ShuvoSynthesis and Characterization of Undoped and Doped Graphitic Carbon Nitride from Melamine and their Morphological, Structural, and Photocatalytic PropertiesFinal Year
Activity Description
Courses Taught Theory Courses
MSE 1101
Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 2221
Strength of Materials
MSE 2211
Crystal Defects, Deformation, and Fracture
MSE 3133
Refractories and Furnaces
MSE 3235
Metals Joining and Removing Technology
MSE 3243
Ceramics for Advanced Applications
MSE 4141
Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Sessional Courses
MSE 1102
Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering Sessional
MSE 1200
Computer Fundamentals and Ethics
MSE 2222
Application of Computers in Strength of Materials
MSE 3134
Refractories and Furnaces Sessional
MSE 3142
Metals Extraction and Ore Dressing Sessional