Dr. Md. Abdullah Al Mahmood

ড. মোঃ আব্দুল্লাহ্ আল মাহমুদ

Associate Professor

  •  Room No:  318 GCE Building
  •  Phone:   880-1784528080
  •  Email:
Work specialty: Circular economy, Waste recycling, Sustainable manufacturing. 
Field of Research
  •  Circular economy
  •  Waste recycling
  •  Sustainable manufacturing

  •  First Joined: 20th May, 2012
  •      Dept. of Glass and Ceramic Engineering



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Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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1 M. Bodiul Islam, M.A. Muhtasim Dian, N. Alamgir Riya, Abdullah Al Mahmood Production of abrasive materials recycled from glass cullet and snail shell Waste Management Bulletin, ELSEVIER 2024 Journal
2 M. Mahfuza Khatun, M. Bodiul Islam, Hasnat Jahan Sumona, and Abdullah Al Mahmood Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Metal-Metal-Nonmetal Multidoped TiO2 Nanoparticles towards Visible Light Chemistry Select (Wiley-VCH GmbH) 2024 Journal
3 Md. Bakhtierkhalzi, Md. Wahedul Islam, Md. Suzauddin, Md. Nurul Islam, Abdullah Al Mahmood Effect of TiO2 as sintering additive on microstructural, physical, and mechanical properties of CeO2 doped zirconia toughened alumina ceramic composite Ceramics International, ELSEVIER 2023 Journal
4 Abdullah Al Mahmood, Md. Sidratul Montaha Hossain, and Md. Wahidur Rashid Determination of Environmental Impacts of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tool International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2023 (ICMERE2023), Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) 2023 Conference
5 Rumana Hossain, Rasoul Khayyam Nekouei, Abdullah Al Mahmood, Veena Sahajwalla Value-added fabrication of NiO-doped CuO nanoflakes from waste flexible printed circuit board for advanced photocatalytic application Nature Publishing Group- Scientific Reports 2022 Journal
6 Abdullah Al Mahmood, Shadman Hoque, Md. Mohibul Alam The effect of Mg doping in ZnTiO3 and Zn(1-x)MgxTiO3 ceramics BCSIR-Congrss-2022 (Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) 2022 Conference
7 Abdullah Al Mahmood, Rumana Hossain, Saroj Bhattacharyya, Karen Privat, Veena Sahajwalla Rapid transformation of the metal-polymer laminated packaging materials into ceramic carbide reinforced Al-alloy ELSEVIER-Resources, Conservation & Recycling 2021 Journal
8 Rumana Hossain, Abdullah Al Mahmood, Veena Sahajwalla Recovering renewable carbon materials from automotive shredder residue (ASR) for micro-supercapacitor electrodes Elsevier- Journal of Cleaner Production 2021 Journal
9 Rumana Hossain, Abdullah Al Mahmood, Veena Sahajwalla Facile Solution for Recycling Hazardous Flexible Plastic-Laminated Metal Packaging Waste To Produce Value-Added Metal Alloys American Chemical Society- ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2021 Journal
10 Abdullah Al Mahmood, Rumana Hossain, Veena Sahajwalla Investigation of the effect of laminated polymers in the metallic packaging materials on the recycling of aluminum by thermal disengagement technology (TDT) ELSEVIER- Journal of Cleaner Production 2020 Journal
11 Abdullah Al Mahmood, Rumana Hossain, Saroj Bhattacharyya, and Veena Sahajwalla Recycling of polymer laminated aluminum packaging (PLAP) materials into carbonaceous metallic microparticles ELSEVIER- Journal of Cleaner Production 2020 Journal
12 Abdullah Al Mahmood, Rumana Hossain, and Veena Sahajwalla Thermal Disengagement Technology: the Perspective of Microrecycling of Polymer-metal Multilayer Packaging Materials 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2020 Conference
13 Abdullah Al Mahmood, Rumana Hossain, and Veena Sahajwalla Microrecycling of the metal–polymer-laminated packaging materials via thermal disengagement technology Springer- SN Applied Science 2019 Journal
14 Tasmia Zaman, Mst Sharmin Mostari, Abdullah Al Mahmood, MS Rahman Evolution and characterization of eggshell as a potential candidate of raw material Cerâmica 2018 Journal
15 Abdullah Al Mahmood, M.A.Gafur, and M.E.Hoque Effect of MgO on the physical, mechanical and microstructural properties of ZTA-TiO2 composites ELSEVIER- Material Science and Engineering: A 2017 Journal
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