03 June 2020
২০ জ্যৈষ্ঠ ১৪২৭

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Sheikh




Doctor of Engineering in EEE  2010 Kitami institute of Technology (KIT)Japan

M.Sc. Engineering in EEE   2001  BITR

B.Sc.  Engineering in EEE   1990  BITR

HSC 1986, Sirajgonj Govt. College, Sirajgonj

SSC 1984,  Raigonj Pilot High School


Positions Hold 

Vice-Chancellor, RUET, July 30, 2018 to date                

Director (Research and Extention), RUET, October 16, 2017 to December 04, 2018

Director (Planning and Development), RUET, December 01,2018 to December 07, 2018

Director (Institute of Energy and Environmental Studies)   November 19,2018

Dean, Faculty of ECE , May 2015 - 2017

Head, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2015 - 2017

Head, Department of EEE, 2011- 2013

Head, Department of ETE, 2010- 2011

Professor                     Dept. of EEE   RUET  2011

Associate Professor   Dept. of EEE   RUET  2006 - 2011

Assistant Professor    EEE   RUET  1999 - 2006

Lecturer                       EEE   BITR   1994 - 1999

Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Joined: 16 January, 1994

 Field of Research 

  • Smart Grid, Renewable (Wind, Wave & Solar) Energy
  • Facts and Energy Storage Devices
  • Stability Augmentation Technique(s)
  • Sizing of Energy Storage Devices
  • Load Frequency Control

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Awards & Recognition's • Best paper Award from ICEMS 2017 International Conference, Sydney, Australia
• Best paper award from ICEMS 2009 International Conference, Tokyo, Japan
• Best Award for the year 2002 from Electrical Engineering Division (IEB), Bangladesh
• Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh
• Member, IEEE
Scholarships & Grants 2007-2010: JASSO Scholarship, Japan
2007-2010: Research Assistant, KIT, Japan
2005-2007: Bangladesh Government Scholarship.
1986-1990: Islami Bank Foundation Scholarship.
1986-1990: Rajshahi Education Board Scholarship.
Professional Services Organizing Chair, ICECTE 2016, Bangladesh
Present: Editor/reviewer of various book/international journals.
Distinguished Expert Selection Committee Member, KUET, CUET, JUST, BSMSTU, PUST, HMDSTU etc.
Expert Selection Committee Member, Professor & Associate Professor Post for various Science and Technology Universities of Bangladesh.
Selection Committee Member, Lecturer & Assistant Professor Post for various Science and Technology Universities/Private Universities of Bangladesh.
Present: Reviewer of various international conferences.
Advisor, IFOST, Chittagong.
Present: Member of Examination Committees, Committee of Courses & Studies.
Member, Disciplinary Action Committee, RUET
Past: Examiner- Bangladesh Public Service Commission.
Present: Program Committee member, Various International Conferences.
Past: Advisor, ICECTE 2012.
Past: Examiner & Tutor, DCSA Program, Bangladesh Open University.
Past: Guest Teacher, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh.
Past: Guest Teacher, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology.
Adjunct Faculty, BAUET, Kadirabad, Natore
Guest Teacher, Barindro University, Rajshahi
Chairman, Sirajgonj District Association
Editors/Reviewers • European Transactions on Electrical Power
• IET/IEE-Transactions on Renewable Power Generation
• IEEE Transactions on Power and Energy Soceity
• International Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
• Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering
• Reviewer of other peer reviewed journals (Elsevier, & etc) covering power system/renewable energy.
Publications http://publicationlists.org/mri.sheikh
Administrative Experiences Member, Dean Executive Committee, MVST University, Tangail
Director, Research and Extension, RUET
Member, Syndicate of RUET
Dean, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Organizing Chair, ICECTE Conference, 2016
Member, Planning and Development, RUET
Member, Academic Council, Hazi Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University
Member, Academic Council, Pondru University, Bogra
Head, Department of ECE, RUET
Member, CASR, RUET
Member, Academic Council, RUET
Member, Dean Executive Committee, Faculty of ME
Member, University Innovation Fund Secretariat (UIFS), RUET
Chairman, IQAC Subproject, EEE Department, RUET
Member, PGAC, EEE Department, RUET
Chairman, Cash Purchase Committee, RUET
Controller, AMIE Examination, Rajshahi Centre
Ex. Registrar in-charge (short time duty), RUET.
Ex. Head, EEE Department, RUET
Ex. Head, ETE Department, RUET
Ex. Provost, Shahid President Ziaur Rahman Hall, RUET
Ex. Assistant Provost, Shahid Abdul Hamid and Tin shed Hall, RUET
Ex. Secretary/Treasurer of RUET Central Mosque
Ex. Member, Finance Committee, RUET
Ex. Chairman different examination committees
Laboratory in-charge, EEE Dept., RUET
EX. Rental library in-charge, EEE Dept., RUET
Ex Member, Arthik nitimala pronoyon committee
Ex. Chairman, Tender Committee, RUET
Member, different examination committee
Project director, project grant from RUET
Ex Chairman, Souvenir Publication Committee, 4th convocation, RUET
Ex Chair, Technical Committee, ICEEE Conference 2015
Ex Chief Election Commissioner, Teacher's Association Election, RUET
Country Visited Japan, France, Portugal, Romani, Malysia, Hongkong, Soudi Arabia, Italy, Austria, and Slovania.
PostGraduate Research (I) • Ph.D Degree Awarded:
1. Design and Analysis of a Linear Generator for Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion Systems, by Omar Faruk, 27th August, 2016

(II) M.Sc. Engineering Degree Awarded:
1. Design and Optimization of a Micropatch Antenna Array Using FDTD Method by Md. Shah Alam,
2. Analysis and Simulation of Three-Phase Inverter with Space Vector Modulation Technique by Md. Forhad Zaman, November 2012.
3. Effect of Governor Control Systems on the Stability of Wind Farm Integrated Hybrid Power System - by Md. Selim Reza Ashrafi, September 2014.
4. Improvement of Reliability and Quality of Wind Farm Integrated Power System by Using Series/Shunt compensation by Ashrafun Naher Pinky, October 2014.
5. Output Fluctuations Minimization of Wind Integrated Hybrid Power System by Co-Ordinated Control of Governor and Blade by Md. Amzad Hossain , October 2014.
6. Stabilization of a Wind Farm Integrated Hybrid Power System by Using STATCOM by Nibir Mondal, June 2015.
7. Stabilization of a Grid-Connected Wind Farm by Using ECS by Shoyaeb Mohammad Shaikh, June 2016.
8. A Co-operative Control of Variable Speed Wind Generator with Hydrozen Generation System by Mobasser M. Hossain, June 2016.
9. Stability Augmentation of a Grid-Connected Wind Farm by Using VSWT-PMSG; by Zinat Tasneem, October 2017
10. Performance Enhancement of Power Converter Circuit for HVAC-HVDC Power Transmission Systems, by Md. Habibur Rahaman, October 2017
11. An Advanced Control Strategy to Improve LVRT Capability of DFIG Based Wind Farm, by Md. Rashidul Islam, October 2017
12. Improvement of A Grid Connected PV System with Modlar Cascaded Multilevel Inverter, by Md. Abul Monjer, April 2018
13. Control the Effect of Frequency Fluctuations in A Wind Power Generation System, by A.H.M. Iftekharul Islam, April 2018
14. .....................by Sham Datta
15. ......................by Drista Datta
16. ..................... by Md. Asaduzzaman Shobuz
The following students are working with me for M.Sc. Engineering Degree: Roll No. Name of Student
0904101010 Mohammad Shahed
0904101023 S.M. Fazle Rabbi
1004101021 Md. Hasanuzzaman
1004101025 A.G.M. Rakibul Hasan
1104101013 Md. Shamsur Rahman
1104101033 Juel Rana
1304101020 Md. Mosiul Alam
1304101023 A.S.M. Mostafizur Rahman
1404101025 Md. Manirul Islam
1504101004 Moon Moon Hossain
1504101003 Md. Ashaduzzaman Khan
1504101032 Md. Mosiur Rahman
International Thesis Examined 1. Application of Series Compensation to Improve the Voltage Stability and Power Quality of Wind Farms, The University of New South Walls, Canberra, Australia, 2013

2. DC-Link Voltage Control for Reliable Operation of Low Voltage Microgrids - The University of New South Walls, Canberra, Australia, 2016
Ph.D/M.Sc. Engg. Thesis Examined (National) (1) No. of Ph.D thesis examined: 05
(2) No. of M.Sc.Engineering thesis examined: many
The following students are working with me for B.Sc. Engineering Degree: No. of undergraduate students doing research for B.Sc. Engineering degree: many
Contact • Room No. XX, EEE Building (2nd Floor), RUET, Rajshahi
• Email : mri.sheikh@eee.ruet.ac.bd; vc@ruet.ac.bd; ris_ruet@yahoo.com
• PABX : +88-0721-751320-21, Extn. 400 & 409
. Mob: 01711884045