The degree of B.Sc. in Chemical and Food Process Engineering at Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) is designed to produce ingenious professionals to solve chemical and food process engineering related problems of the 21stcentury.Chemical Engineering, a part of engineering that applies the knowledge and skills of physics, chemistry, mathematics, management and economics as well as biochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology to innovate and produce products by converting raw materials or chemicals, essential for our daily life. It largely entails the design, improvement and maintenance of processes concerning chemical or biological transformations for large-scale manufacturing.On the other side, Food Process Engineering is a multidisciplinary field of applied physical sciences which combines science, microbiology, and engineering education for food and related industries.Food Engineers are prepared to apply the theories of traditional natural science subjects in engineering context with focus on food production and processing, which can be effectively used to expertise on improving theconversion of raw foodstuffs into safe consumer products of the highest possible quality.

Providingnutritious and safe food to the growing population of Bangladesh, as well as the world, is the most burning concern of the 21st century.Chemical engineering unit operations and methodologies, developed for industrial purposes, can be commendably used by the food industries, including drying, milling, extrusion, refrigeration, heat and mass transfer, membrane-based separation, pneumatic conveying, process modeling, monitoring, control and other food related operations as well as in non-food sectors like basic chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, petroleum, biotechnological, polymer, environmental and other related industries. Therefore, the job sector has become tremendously widen for the students graduating from this department. Also the graduates of B.Sc. in Chemical and Food Process Engineering have options for specializing in both Chemical Engineering and Food Process Engineering according to their preferences through higher studies.

In Bangladesh, several other universities offer undergraduate degree in Food Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering separately. But combination of these two degrees is first introduced in our country by RUET in 2015. Dynamically these factors make CFPE @ RUET the best and unique choice for the innovative and energetic new generation of Bangladesh.