A candidate for admission into the first year class must have passed the H.S.C. Examination at least in the Second Division from a Higher Secondary Education Board in Bangladesh (after 12 years of schooling) with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as   his/her   subjects   of   examination    in   higher   secondary examination or examination recognized as equivalent to, and must also fulfill all other requirements as may be prescribed by the Admission Committee.

All candidates for admission into the courses of B. Sc. Engineering must have citizenship of Bangladesh unless the candidature is against the seats that are reserved for foreign students. Candidates for all seats except the reserved ones, if any, shall be selected on the basis of merit. The rules for admission into the reserved seats shall be framed by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Admission Committee.


No student shall ordinarily be admitted in the first year class after the corresponding classes start or after the call goes out for admission into the next session, whichever is earlier. Newly admitted students should be notified the date of commencement of classes.


Admission on of a newly admitted student in the first year class will be canceled if for first two consecutive weeks after the start of class he/she remains absent without prior permission.  If any student fails to report due to unavoidable circumstances within stipulated first two weeks time, he/she may appeal within next four weeks to the Academic Council. The Council's decision will be final.



Courses offered


Please Download the File regarding Courses offered in Undergraduate Studies.


Degree requirements


The minimum CGPA requirement for obtaining a B.Sc. Engineering degree is 2.20. The performance of a student will be evaluated in terms of two indices, viz. semester grade point average and cumulative grade point average. Student will be considered to be making normal progress toward a degree if their CGPA for all courses attended is 2.20 or more. Students who regularly maintain semester GPA or 2.20 or better are making good progress toward their degrees and are in good standing with the University. Students who fail to maintain this minimum rate of progress will not be in good standing. This can happen when one or more of the following conditions exist:


i)    Semester GPA falls below 2.20 or

ii)   Cumulative GPA falls below 2.20

iii) Earned credits fall below 15 times the number of Semester attended/studied.


All such students can make up deficiencies in GPA and credit requirements by completing courses of next semester(s) and backlog courses, if there be any, with better grades. When GPA and credit requirements are achieved, the student is returned to good standing. Students whose GPA will fall below 2.20 will have to be notified so that the necessary remedial measures can be taken.