The university has 02 (Two) research institutes to enhance the technical education and research activities. Objectives of the institutes are given as follows:



1. Institute of Energy and Environmental studies (IEES):


This institute established to contribute in national development, economic growth and social prosperity by providing appropriate solutions to the energy and environmental problems. The details of Aim and Objectives are as follows:


(a)  Promote and provide facilities for post-graduate degrees (MPhil, MSc. and PhD) and post-graduate diploma study in IEES for graduates from various disciplines.

(b)  Actively pursue advanced research in E&E in order to develop Knowledge-based products and services.

(c)  Fostering energy research, Advancing energy innovation, Educating energy leaders.

(d)  To provide trained manpower with strong engineering and R&D capabilities in the Energy and Environment related areas like:      

- Energy efficiency & energy conservation and sustainability

- Renewable Energy Technology

- Energy and environmental audits

- Energy use and conversion technologies and their impacts on environment

- Energy policy

- Instrumentation and control systems related to energy and environment projects

- Cost benefits analysis of impact of uses of conventional and renewable energy   technologies on the environment

-Socio-cultural and behavioural aspects of energy production and environmental changes

- Environmental impact (such LCA) analysis

- Resource assessment and waste management

(e)  To train and develop both the professionals and non-professionals in the diverse areas related to Energy and Environment

(f)   To collaborate with industry, government, utilities and other universities to accomplish the set goals

(g)  To introduce to the industries various environmental friendly energy efficient technologies and provide services in implementing energy conservation measures

(h)  To train manpower for developing projects specifically related to CDM

(i)     Provide consulting and advisory services to public and private organizations




2. Institute of Information and Communication Technology  (IICT):


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