• To create and sustain a dynamic and supportive learning environment and research based educational institute
  • To discovers, disseminates and applies update knowledge through teaching, learning, research, innovative activities, partnerships and involvement of national and international communities
  • To deliver national and international voice to develop and take lead role in placing Bangladesh at the global forefront 
  • To undertake research and consultancy services in industrial, educational and society based areas in line with policy implications
  • To identify regional, national and global needs, areas of specialization on which the university can concentrate
  • To undertake collaborative projects that offer long term interaction with academia and industry in national and international level
  • To produce skilled graduates with fullest extent so that they are intellectually capable to face ethical, social and professional challenge in a sustainable mannar and contributes in home and abroad
  • To strengthen the students providing quality teaching and make them able to cope with leadership, teamwork, problem solving, reporting, publishing, presenting, career preparation, ethics and respect to others
  • To access collaborative activities with state, national and international society to enhance technical skills, economic and research development
  • To motivate students, research and study outside the country, to take global lead providing quality services and also services for Bangladesh



  • To be a centre of excellence and regional hub for the technical education, advance research with updated equipment and public services  
  • To contributes in national and global through excellence in scientific, technical, research and management
  • To serve as a valuable resource for industry and society
  • To inspire human spirit through excellent achievements in learning, invention and nationality
  • To be a centre of excellence for the outreach program with home and abroad and maintain continuity the strength of technical, economical and social advancement