Welcome to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, RUET.

In the northern region of Bangladesh, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology first launched the Department of Urban and Regional Planning in 2012 under the Faculty Civil Engineering. The department started with a Bachelor Degree (BURP) with 30 students in each session.

The department of Urban and Regional Planning is concerned not only with Town Planning but also with social, physical and environmental planning at the urban, rural, regional and local levels. It concerns with Urban Planning, Rural Planning, Regional Planning, Transportation Planning, Environmental Planning, Housing, Urban Design, Landscape Planning, Site Planning etc. To meet increasing demand of the population with limited resources now a day’s planning is a burning issue in the world and increasing its importance day by day. The activities of the department are planned to meet the demand for skilled Town Planner.

I feel proud to serve as the Head of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning from the year 2013.