Welcome to BECM Department. Dear colleagues, students and other well-wishers, this is my first message and warm greetings. I would like to share my opinion about this Department with you. This Department has started its journey in the year of 2016. At present, there are 90 students in this Department in the three Academic Years. First of all on behalf of BECM Department, may I convey my heartiest congratulations and welcome to the new students in Academic Year 2018/19. There are six teachers in this Department with one Professor including me and five Lecturers. The Lecturers are so hard worker and they try to establish this Department day by day. Their knowledge, works, lectures, opinions etc. are very efficient and help me very much to build up this Department. This Department offers only the B.Sc. Engineering. But, I hope, the Department will provide the post graduations degrees in future. In B.Sc. program, the students learn about Building technology, Architecture, Structural Design, Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Construction technology and Management, Humanities and Environment etc. Here, the teachers and the students are devoted to develop their skills in the field of research. I hope, the students of this Department will be the specialist in the field of Building Engineering and Construction Management. In closing, I wish to our students in their coming end of semester examinations, a good preparation and the very best of luck. As always, do feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions etc. You can find our updates on the Department website.