Welcome to the Department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE), RUET.                                                                                                  


Industrial and Production Engineering department is relatively new department at this University. The department has been commenced its journey offering undergraduate studies program since 2005.  The course curriculum of this department is designed in such a way that any IPE graduate can involve themselves in the global industrial and service organization problems solution process.As days going on, the complexity and creativity is increasing. The industrial and service organizations always prefer them whose are always creating and improving solutions to problems, make a safer, less expensive and better way to make a product faster and easier. Hence department of IPE provide engineering, technology and administrative knowledge for managing multidimensional global industrial aspects.Besides, I strongly believe that an Industrial and Production Engineer should have good exposing skill hence the department of IPE is organized extracurricular functions such as job seminar, presentation, project exhibition, career talk, games and spotsand various competition programs annually that’s enriched the students. I am very much enthusiast about the success and prosperity of this department.