RUET has four faculties composed of a number of departments in each faculty. Each dean is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor in each faculty as a coordinator for two years. Dean is concern regarding the responsibilities of administrative, coordinating among the departments, financial, academic and other responsibilities assigned by the Vice-Chancellor under the ordinance. Name of the deans and contact details in different faculties are given in the following table- 


Name of the Faculties

Name of Deans


 Faculty of Civil Engineering

Prof. Dr. N.H.M. Kamrujjaman Serker

+880721 750742-3 Ext (300)


 Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prof. Dr Md. Zahurul Islam Sarkar

+880-721 750742-3 Ext (400)


 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Prof.Dr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain

+880-721 750742-3 Ext (200)


 Faculty of Applied Science and Humanities

Prof. Dr. Md. Bellal Hossain

+880721 750742-3 Ext (600)